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SV May Queen by Rex Kerrison & Richard Johnson | Hardback

SV May Queen by Rex Kerrison & Richard Johnson | Hardback

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Written by Rex Kerrison & Richard Johnson at the behest of the May Queen Trust.

Designed and built in 1867 on the Huon River, May Queen is one of Tasmania's most distinctive coastal traders. So significant is she to maritime history, May Queen has been awarded World Ship Trust Maritime Heritage status, joining such famous vessels as the Cutty Sark and Great Britain. Her story also highlights many aspects of early Tasmanian craftsmanship and life in colonial times.

The authors have treated the May Queen as a living being, starting from the early days of her working life, charting her voyages and telling the stories of her owners, her masters, her unplanned escapades, of her near-death infirmity and wonderful recuperation, and of the groups and individuals who played lead roles in making her such an outstanding exhibit.

This beautifully designed book is a celebration of the survival and restoration of this magnificent vessel that now sits resplendent in Constitution Dock, Hobart. 

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