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Six Months in Wonderland by Gail Foster | Hardback

Six Months in Wonderland by Gail Foster | Hardback

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This is the story of a woman trying to live as a committed Christian. It tells of a loving and immensely strong woman who negotiated a pathway through the intellectual and emotional minefield of the church's enshrined misogyny; through separation and divorce and through raising her children and continuing her education under the most difficult of circumstances. In this book you will find love, affection, humour and someone who could not and would not give up.

Particularly moving is Gail’s account of attending a prayer meeting where, as a highly intelligent woman, she wished to express an opinion only to be informed that she had to convince a male church elder of the value and legitimacy of her view that he then might, or might not, present to the meeting. You can almost hear the howls of protest that will arise when this particular passage is read by post-modern Australian women.

Gail is now happily remarried and although she retains her strong faith she has found a system of beliefs that do not require unquestioning subservience.

This is a book for women that should be read by men.

M.E. Klitzke writes: "I can heartily recommend this book - I could not put it down. It is extremely well written with great humour, honesty and self-disclosure. There were moments of great hilarity, tenderness, frustration, sadness and in the end love and fulfillment. Gail takes us by the hand and walks us through a life which I am sure many could relate to, with all the ups and downs, but written in such an engaging way it is far from an ordinary life. I believe it will touch all who read it in a very positive and uplifting way. Take a walk in her 'Wonderland' I can guarantee you will enjoy it." 

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