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Moriarty's Super Gene by Melvin Freestone | Paperback

Moriarty's Super Gene by Melvin Freestone | Paperback

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A reflection on consciousness and its awakening - 'Moriarty's Super Gene' challenges the reader to examine the personal instruments that we all accumulate to navigate through life.

The hero, Moriarty, is at once a participant in the game of life, a critic of humanity's foibles, a philosopher and a proud leftover from the '60s. He wrestles with everything from the decay of democracy, excessive political correctness, the horrors of Nazism and the extreme danger of climate change denial. Yet this is a book of great optimism which reaches the reader through humour, familiar experiences and fine analytical writing. It is an opportunity for some personal maintenance.

Perhaps its greatest strength is that it is a primer to an acheive better future, for a more just and humane world.

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