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Million Miles Beyond a Campfire by Patrick Bender | Paperback

Million Miles Beyond a Campfire by Patrick Bender | Paperback

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In Million Miles Beyond a Campfire Patrick Bender’s narrative poems are sequentially linked to form a quest of discovery researching aspects of life and the universe.

It started with a story,

as we sat around the campfire

gazing into the red hot bed of coals

relating earth’s similarly searing evolution

of magma and mayhem in bygone ages

 From stories around a campfire, a father and son embark on a series of journeys into the truth and meaning behind nature. The journey takes them from their campfire to the Milky Way galaxy, the Solar System and earth’s planetary neighbours. Back on earth they visit each of the seven major continents where the son is introduced to the diversity of life and the themes of evolution.

Two people’s odyssey for answers

searching a far-flung future

sometime in a distant great hall

thoughtfully sustained by an age-old rallying call,

a timeless compelling rhythm

constant and wide-ranging this beat

has the edge on our seat.

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