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Ghosts Royal by Elaine Harris | Hardback

Ghosts Royal by Elaine Harris | Hardback

  • $1995

1936 is known as “The year of three kings” but to one ten-year-old princess it was the year when a sizzling future opened up before her. A future of carriages and coronets, honours and horses and a lifetime of duty and service to others. A glittering future with very little private life; a life which could only begin after deep sadness, tears and heartbreak. That princess is now Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

Poignantly told through the eyes of Princess Elizabeth (Lilibet), Ghosts Royal is set on Abdication Day 1936, the day that changed the young princess’s life forever. Using a blend of fact and fiction, the story portrays Lilibet’s fears, hopes, memories and misgivings.

Elaine Harris’ touching text is complemented perfectly by the evocative illustrations of Natalie Daniel.

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