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Caterpillars in the Kitchen by Jennifer Houghton | Paperback

Caterpillars in the Kitchen by Jennifer Houghton | Paperback

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Jennifer Houghton | Illustrations by Janet Fenton 

Pip loves bugs...and holidays. Find out what mischief her bugs cause while she is away on holidays.

50 cents from the sale of each book is donated to the Cancer Council.

Customer Review:

"Many an Australian kid of my vintage at least – I predate computer games – was fascinated by the living world. I well remember keeping emperor gum moth caterpillars in my perforated shoe box and watching and listening while the large green and cheerfully coloured caterpillars went about the business of munching vast quantities of gum leaves before forming a cocoon. (If you remembered to look some months later, you might even have been rewarded by the sight of Tasmania’s largest moth when it emerged as an adult.)

Children’s author Jen Houghton has produced a lovely story that I am sure will be most engaging for the very young. The book is beautifully illustrated by Janet Fenton whose own passion for the natural world is apparent in her authentic, detailed illustrations. My grandson gave the book the ultimate accolade – he demanded an instant replay."

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