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Banished beyond the seas: A saga of Van Diemen’s Land by Sue Cox | PB

Banished beyond the seas: A saga of Van Diemen’s Land by Sue Cox | PB

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Lord Cockburn cleared his throat. All I could remember were his last words, ‘…transported beyond the seas for seven years…’ Time stopped as I tried to concentrate on those words. I think I cried out. My dreams of returning home were shattered into a million pieces…

I looked through the bars at the sandstone cavern I was in. All the warmth and hope that I had possessed less than ten minutes before had drained away. I was as cold inside as the sandstone bench that I sat on. I felt like a statue hewn from that same rock.

Jeannie, a doughty Scots lass, is convicted of crimes she did not commit and transported from her beloved lowland Scottish countryside. She endures four gruelling months sailing to “demon’s land” and has to deal with the heartbreak of leaving all she knew and loved for a fearful, far-away unknown. Her new life of servitude is filled with long hours of physical toil and emotional suffering. But Jeannie has an inner resilience and a strength born out of new friendships that will see her survive and create a life in Van Diemen’s Land. 

This is a harrowing tale of incarceration, sentencing, transportation and servitude; a story of fortitude and perseverance, binding friendships and a mother’s love.

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