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40 South Short Story Anthology 2018 | Paperback

40 South Short Story Anthology 2018 | Paperback

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Our 2018 short story anthology features stories from the ten finalists in the 2018 Tasmanian Writers’ Prize, as selected by Robbie Arnott, James Dryburgh and Lian Tanner.

 “Modern science suggests that something similar applies to living and non-living creatures; at an atomic level we are all made of the same stuff. A hundred, two hundred, five thousand years ago, the atoms that currently make up our bodies were part of a toad, or a eucalypt, or a falling star. If you go down far enough, we are all connected.

And yet the idea of separateness remains one of fiction's most powerful themes, and islands have an attraction that never seems to fade. Perhaps it's because they are places where you can feel the edges. They might be harder to escape, but they are more human sized than the great continents. They might be circumscribed, but they can also offer a sort of freedom.

The winner, Melissa Manning's Boy, is an exquisitely crafted and deeply moving story of a man who seems to have drifted into separateness, both physical and social, and can't find his way back, even when the stakes are high. The setting is Bruny Island, and the writing is deceptively simple, as befits both the man and the place he lives.

The Highly Commended story, Hell’s Gate by Nicola Wardley, delivers a powerful sense of Sarah Island in its convict days, and the people on both sides of a brutal (and brutalising) war.” ~ Lian Tanner

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